The Minnesota State Police Department is the premier law enforcement agency of the state of Minnesota. The department strives to protect the residents of Minnesota against all sorts of crimes. The highly efficient and capable officers of the Minnesota State Police Department are committed to providing a safe and peaceful environment for everyone in the community.

Steps to Become a Minnesota Police Officer

If you fulfill the basic criteria, you will need to go through a number of stages to become a police officer in Minnesota. These are discussed below.

Step 1: Find all police departments in the state of Minnesota where enrollments are open. Submit your employment application with the Minnesota Police Department online.

Step 2: Once your application has been screened and your initial background checks have been completed, you will have to undergo a physical test designed to gauge your physical fitness and suitability to wear the uniform.

Step 3: You will need to fulfill all educational requirements and possess the necessary qualifications to become a police officer in Minnesota.

Step 4: Get through the Minnesota entrance exam.

Step 5: Clear a polygraph test.

Step 6:Undergo a thorough background check.

Step 7:Final selection will be based on the successful completion of all above mentioned stages.

Requirements To Become A Police Officer In Minnesota
How to Become a Police Officer in Minnesota-MN

Requirements to Become a Police Officer in Minnesota

You need to fulfill the following criteria to become a police officer in Minnesota.

  • Be a legal citizen of the United States as well as a citizen of the state of Minnesota.
  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying to become a police officer.
  • Have a valid Minnesota driving license.
  • Possess the Minnesota High School Diploma. If not, then you should have an equivalent GED certificate.
  • Should not be convicted of a felony in Minnesota or any other state in America.

Duration to Become a Police Officer in Minnesota

You will have to undergo training at the Police Academy for about 6 months while the whole process of becoming a police officer in Minnesota, from application to training completion, will take about 2 years to complete.

Minnesota Police Officer Salary

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage for a Minnesota police and sheriff’s patrol officer is $64,700.