How to Become a Police Officer in American Samoa?

With the moto to serve and protect, police officers strive to make communities better and protect life and property. It is the job of a police officer to enforce laws, investigate criminal activities, prepare investigative reports, gather case information, conduct surveillance activities, stakeout and perform undercover duties, and make arrests. A police officer should be able to perform a variety of law enforcement assignments. To become a police officer in American Samoa, AS, it is recommended to have a combination of education and experience. Specialized degree in criminal justice or a related field is highly desirable.

Career Requirements

Educational Requirements High school diploma or equivalent
Experience/Training Training from Police Academy, Moderate on-the-job training
Key Skills Assertiveness, Quick Thinking, Teamwork, Physical Stamina, Strong Moral Character, Courage, Active Listening, Community Awareness, Ethics, Persuasiveness.
Annual Mean Salary – US (2021) $70,750 (Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers)
Annual Mean Salary – American Samoa, AS (2021) NA
Job Outlook – US (2020 – 2030) 7% (Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers)
Job Outlook – American Samoa, AS (2020 -2030) NA

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021)

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Requirements to Become a Police Officer in American Samoa
How to Become a Police Officer in American Samoa

Steps to Become a Police Officer in American Samoa

The standards for becoming a police officer are relatively high due to the nature of the job and compliance of law enforcement regulations. The process to become a police officer in American Samoa is the same as other states and the minimum education requirement is high school diploma. Here are the steps to pursue a career in law enforcement.

  1. Meet Education Requirements
  • The minimum educational requirement to become a police officer in American Samoa, AS is high school diploma or GED.
  • By obtaining an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or criminology increases chances of senior level positions and career growth.
  1. Undergo Background Investigation
  • Before enrolling in police training academy, applicants have to undergo a thorough background check.
  • To ensure clearance without any delays, it is recommended to consult Professional Screening and Information (PSI).
  • A comprehensive investigation is carried out that includes checking criminal record, verification from family, past employers, and friends, drug abuse history, and credit history.
  1. Acquiring Academy Training
  • Applicants are required to clear Law Enforcement Entrance Exam (LEE), after which they are eligible to join a police training academy.
  • Police academy training in American Samoa takes approximately six months to complete.
  • Cadets are trained on skills and tactics that involve crisis negotiation, driving and vehicle training, firearms, use of force, patrolling, and de-escalation.
  • Cadets receive in-filed training and also learn about protocols, as well as local and state laws.
  1. Obtaining License
  • To start serving as a police officer in American Samoa, it is mandatory to obtain a license.

General Requirements to become a Police Officer in American Samoa?

Here are some general requirements for all applicants to the Samoan Police Force. These requirements are nation-wide and apply to most states in America, including American Samoa. Candidates must;

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be citizens of American Samoa through birth or naturalization
  • Have a valid American Samoa Driver’s License
  • Have no felony charges in American Samoa or in the wider United States

Educational Requirements to become a Police Officer in American Samoa

To become a Police officer in American Samoa, all candidates must meet the following educational requirements. Note that these requirements are part of the basic criteria and further education in law enforcement related fields will only improve your application. Candidates must

  • Have a high school diploma or a GED/equivalent degree
  • Pass the American Samoa Law Enforcement Entrance Exams
  • Graduate from an American Samoa Police Training Academy
  • Complete a field training program as required by the American Samoa Police Academy

After fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements, candidates are expected to search for Police Departments in the area and apply to be a Police Officer. Consequently, you may be given a badge and gun but most officers are expected to complete their probationary period with a more experienced officer.

How long does it take to become a Police Officer in American Samoa ?

To become a Police Officer in American Samoa, applicants have to follow crucial steps, for example, graduating from a Police Training Academy. To graduate, it could take up to 6 months. Inclusive of other requirements, it could take up to two years to become a certified Police Officer in American Samoa.

How Much do Police Officers Earn in American Samoa?

There is no specific data available for American Samoa with respect to projected growth for police officers but compared to the other states in the US. The projected national growth percentage as reported by US Bureau of Labor Statistics for police and sheriff’s patrol officers is 7%. Below are the states with the highest employment level in Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers:

State Employment
California 70,050
Texas 60,440
New York 49,910
Florida 45,360
Illinois 30,640

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021)

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