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Top 10 Police Officer Schools

Becoming a police officer in the US requires a strong educational base, in addition to training and experience. Various colleges across the country offer programs for aspiring police officers as well as experienced professionals who intend to advance their careers in the field of law enforcement. The following schools are particularly noteworthy in this regard:

  1. John Jay College of Criminal Justice

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice is located in New York City and offers a Bachelor of Science in Police Studies. The college has been offering this program since 1964 and is considered one of the most competitive programs in the field. Coursework typically involves police science, patrol function, community policing and criminal justice.

  1. St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota offers classes in three different locations. Its Police Science undergraduate program is offered at: the Apple Valley Center, the Rochester Center and the Twin Cities campus. The Bachelors of Science in Police Science offers multiple concentrations, including forensic investigations, security management and management. Students who have prior military experience or have completed a police academy training previously can transfer credits that can be applied towards their degree.

  1. George Washington University

The George Washington University is located in Washington, D.C. and offers an Associate Degree in Police Science as well as a Bachelors in Police Science. Both degrees are designed to prepare students to take up leadership positions in various law enforcement departments. Students at the George Washington University are given the opportunity to study under active law enforcement professionals.

  1. Florida State University

The Florida State University has Pulitzer Prize-winning and Guggenheim Fellowship-winning faculty members. The university offers a criminology and criminal justice bachelor’s degree both, online and on-campus. These degrees help prepare students for state officer certification as well as for jobs in legal or research centers. The Florida State University also offers a criminal justice doctorate program and has a very well-reputed online master’s degree too.

  1. Hawkeye Community College

The Hawkeye Community College offers a highly sought-after Political Science program that prepares aspiring officers for careers in city or county law enforcement. Students are given hands-on training in various areas such as police operations, critical incident management, report writing and testifying, physical fitness conditioning, safe and legal use of firearms and crime science investigations. The college offers learning opportunities through indoor and outdoor firing ranges, crime scene labs and internship programs.

  1. Nashville State Community College

The Nashville State Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) program in Police Science which is designed to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to get employment in the field of law enforcement and private security. The program is ideal for those looking for entry level positions and advancement opportunities in the field of criminal justice. The program offers concentrations in Crime Scene Investigation and in Police Administration. Career opportunities for those graduating from this program include working as a police officer, sheriff’s deputy, highway patrolman, private investigator or a crime scene technician.

  1. Mountwest Community and Technical College

The Mountwest Community and Technical College offers a criminal justice program on-campus, for students who have attended an approved law enforcement academy. The program is designed to provide law enforcement professionals the opportunity to seek advance positions. Law enforcement officers are given the option to complete a field internship to earn college credits. These credits may be applied towards earning this degree. Potential employers of students with this degree include private security providers, US Marshals and police departments across the country.

  1. University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati offers a highly recognized criminal justice program through its School of Criminal Justice. With more than 1,500 students enrolled in this school, it is considered to be among the best options for aspiring law enforcement officials. It features a vast range of coursework in areas such as policing and crime prevention. You may opt for a bachelor’s degree, an undergraduate minor, a Master of Science or a Doctor of Philosophy degree in criminal justice or related science.

  1. Georgia Southern University

The Georgia Southern University, previously known as the Armstrong State University offers an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice at its Main Campus, Liberty Center and online. The degree is designed to give you a foundational understanding of the field of criminal justice by blending practical experience with research. Students have the opportunity to learn from the diverse and well-experienced faculty along with completing internship programs that help introduce them to the professional world of law enforcement. Career opportunities include jobs in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the secret service, the Department of Immigration of Naturalization, the US Marshals Service, Customs and so on.

  1. Texas State University

The Criminal Justice Department at the Texas State University offers Undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice, Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice. The Undergraduate programs give students the opportunity to work in fields such as probation, policing, asset protection, parole and other non-practitioner roles. The masters program offers an Executive Track and a Research Track, with coursework specified accordingly. The Doctoral Program is ideal for professionals who want to advance in their careers or students who intend to pursue academic roles in universities or research facilities. The Criminal Justice Department at Texas State University is one of the most popular ones in the nation, with approximately 1,300 bachelor’s students, 40 master’s students and 21 doctoral faculty members researching a broad range of topics.

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