Baltimore Police Department

Common Name: Baltimore Police Department (BPD)

Abbreviation: BPD


  • Semper Paratus, Semper Fideles, Ever on the Watch
  • Ever Ready, Ever Faithful, Ever on the Watch

Agency Overview

The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) has a long history, dating back to its formation in 1784, spanning 239 years of dedicated service. With a workforce of 2,935 employees and an annual budget of $536 million in 2020, the BPD is committed to ensuring the safety and security of Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Jurisdictional Structure

The BPD’s operations jurisdiction is firmly rooted in Baltimore, Maryland, covering an area of 80.95 square miles. The department serves a population of 602,495 residents, as of 2018. The BPD’s legal jurisdiction aligns with the city of Baltimore, where it plays a vital role in maintaining law and order.

Operational Structure

The BPD operates from its headquarters located at the Bishop L. Robinson, Sr. Police Administration Building, situated at 601 E Fayette St, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202. The department is composed of 2,514 officers, as of 2017, who work diligently to uphold the law and protect the community. The BPD’s leadership includes Commissioner Richard Worley, Deputy Commissioner – Operations Bureau (vacant), Deputy Commissioner – Public Integrity Bureau Brian Nadeau, Deputy Commissioner – Compliance Bureau Eric Melancon, and Deputy Commissioner – Administrative Bureau Sheree Briscoe.

Parent Agency

The BPD operates under the jurisdiction of the Baltimore City Council, ensuring a coordinated approach to law enforcement within the city.


The BPD is organized into nine districts, each serving specific areas of Baltimore. The department deploys a variety of marked and unmarked vehicles, including Chevrolet Suburbans, Tahoes, Caprices, Ford Taurus Interceptors, Utility Interceptors, Explorers, Escapes, Mustangs, Ford Tundra, and Ford F150. Additionally, the BPD maintains a fleet of two Eurocopter EC 120 helicopters named Foxtrot and a unit of 12 horses to support its law enforcement activities.


For more information about the Baltimore Police Department and its commitment to public safety, you can visit their official website at [Baltimore Police Website](Website: The BPD’s enduring dedication and its pivotal role in Baltimore make it an integral part of the city’s law enforcement efforts.

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