Birmingham Police Department

Abbreviation: BPD (Birmingham Police Department)

Motto: “To Protect & Serve”

Agency Overview:
The Birmingham Police Department (BPD) has a deep-rooted history, dating back to its formation in 1871, marking over 150 years of dedicated service. In fiscal year 2019, the department’s workforce consisted of 1,100 employees, managing an annual budget of $89.4 million.

Jurisdictional Structure:
BPD’s operational jurisdiction is centered in Birmingham, Alabama, within the United States. The department’s jurisdiction covers an area of 148.61 square miles, serving a population of 212,237 residents. The legal jurisdiction aligns with its operations jurisdiction, ensuring that the department’s authority extends over the entire city.

General Nature:
At its core, BPD operates as a local civilian police force, deeply committed to protecting and serving the community it calls home.

Operational Structure:
The headquarters of BPD is located at 1710 1st Ave N in Birmingham, Alabama. The department is structured with 909 police officers and 260 unsworn members, all working together to fulfill the department’s mission. The agency’s top executives include Chief of Police Scott Thurmond, Assistant Chief LaQuaylin Parhm, Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations Sheila Finley, and Deputy Chief of Investigative Operations Cedric Stevens. BPD operates with three bureaus, five precincts, and eight other facilities to effectively manage law enforcement operations.

For more information on the Birmingham Police Department and its commitment to protecting and serving the community, you can visit their website at

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