Cleveland Police Department

Abbreviation: CDP (Cleveland Division of Police)

Motto: To protect and serve

Agency Overview

The Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) has been a stalwart defender of the community since its formation in 1868. With a mission to protect and serve, the division plays a pivotal role in ensuring public safety in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

Jurisdictional Structure

The CDP’s operations are firmly rooted in Cleveland, Ohio, covering an area of 82.47 square miles. The division serves a population of 372,624 residents, as of 2020. Its legal jurisdiction aligns with the City of Cleveland and is governed by the Cleveland City Council.

Operational Structure

The CDP operates from its headquarters located at 1300 Ontario Street in Cleveland, Ohio. The division is comprised of 1,235 officers, as of 2023, who are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding the law and protecting the community. Leading the division are Director of Public Safety Karrie Howard and Chief of Police Dornat “Wayne” Drummond.

Parent Agency

The Cleveland Division of Police operates as part of the Cleveland Department of Public Safety, ensuring a coordinated approach to public safety in the city.


The division is organized into four operations, each with its specific focus and responsibilities, ensuring the efficient delivery of law enforcement services.


To facilitate law enforcement services, the CDP is organized into five districts, strategically positioned across the city to ensure accessibility and efficient response to community needs.


For more information about the Cleveland Division of Police and its commitment to “protect and serve,” you can visit their official website at Division of Police. The CDP’s dedication to the community and its role in upholding the law make it an integral part of Cleveland’s law enforcement efforts.

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Cleveland Police Department Demographics

In the Cleveland Police Department, a large majority of officers, around 83%, are men, while women make up about 17% of the force. When it comes to race, most officers are White, comprising 64% of the department, and African American/Black officers make up a significant 36%. Additionally, there is a smaller category labeled as “Other,” which represents 6% of the officers.


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