Fresno Police Department

Common Name: Fresno P.D. (Fresno Police Department)

Abbreviation: FPD

Motto: “Safety, Service and Trust!”

Agency Overview

The Fresno Police Department (FPD), known by its common abbreviation FPD, is a dedicated protector of the community. As of 2020, the department employed 1,063 individuals and operated with an annual budget of $202 million. The FPD places great emphasis on providing safety, service, and trust to the residents of Fresno, California, United States.

Jurisdictional Structure

The FPD’s operations are rooted in Fresno, California, covering an area of 104.8 square miles. The department serves a population of 530,073 residents, as of 2018. Its legal jurisdiction is confined to the City of Fresno and is governed by the Fresno City Council, reflecting its role in maintaining law and order within the city limits.

Operational Structure

The FPD operates from its headquarters located at 2323 Mariposa Mall in Fresno, California, United States. The department comprises 811 police officers and 252 unsworn members, working collaboratively to uphold the law and serve the community. Chief of Police Paco Balderrama provides leadership, guiding the FPD’s mission.

Field Operations Divisions

The FPD is organized into five field operations divisions, each with its specific focus and responsibilities, ensuring the efficient delivery of law enforcement services.

Facilities and Resources

The department is well-equipped, boasting a fleet of 813 vehicles, two helicopters, one plane, and a K-9 unit with 14 canine officers. These resources are instrumental in fulfilling the FPD’s mission to ensure safety and security.


For more information about the Fresno Police Department and its commitment to “Safety, Service and Trust,” you can visit their official website at The FPD’s dedication to the community and its role in safeguarding Fresno make it an integral part of the city’s law enforcement efforts.

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