There were a total of 2,740 police and sheriff’s patrol officers working in the state of Idaho in 2020, according to the latest figures published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you want to become part of Idaho’s police force in your city, read this article for more details.

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Idaho Police Department Requirements

To work as a police officer in Idaho, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Obtain GED or high school education.
  • The candidate should be 21 years old at least.
  • The candidate should have US citizenship.
  • The candidate should have a clean criminal record.
  • The candidate should be physically and mentally fit

Steps to Become a Police Officer in Idaho

The next step is to get through the hiring process. To get hired, you have to clear the following steps:

Apply for the Job

The first step is to apply for the position of a police officer. You will have to learn the application process of the police station you are applying at. Fill out the application carefully because any mistake can result in rejection of the application. You might also have to submit a personal history statement with the application form.

Clear an Oral Interview

If your application gets accepted, you will have to sit through an oral interview. The interview will be conducted by experienced personnel so, it is important that you go prepared.

Pass the Physical Fitness Exam

You will then be called up for a physical fitness examination. This will be a thorough test of your physical condition and endurance.

Get Through the Background Check and a Polygraph Test

You will also have to sit through a thorough background examination and clear a polygraph test. Drug screening will also be carried out to make sure that there is no history of substance abuse.

Join the Police Academy

As the final step of the hiring process, you will have to spend a few weeks at the police academy to get proper training.

Police Officer Salary in Idaho

Police and sheriff’s patrol officers in Idaho earned $56,910 as mean annual salary in the year 2020. This figure has been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Prospects

Police and sheriff’s patrol officers employed in Idaho will experience a 2% job growth between 2018 and 2028 according to O*Net Online.

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