Las Vegas Police Department

Agency Overview

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), commonly known as Metro or Metro PD, has been a cornerstone of law enforcement since its establishment on July 1, 1969, marking 54 years of dedicated service. It emerged from the merger of the Las Vegas Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, combining their resources and expertise. As of 2018, the LVMPD boasted a dedicated workforce of 5,819 employees and operated with an annual budget of US $856,312,417.

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Jurisdictional Structure

The LVMPD’s operations encompass Clark County, Nevada, in the United States, covering an expansive area of 8,061 square miles (20,878 kmĀ²). With a population of 1,676,087 as of 2022, the department serves as a vital guardian of the community. Its legal jurisdiction extends throughout Clark County, excluding the cities of Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, and Mesquite, as they maintain their own law enforcement agencies.

Operational Structure

The LVMPD operates from its headquarters located at 400 South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada. The department’s sworn members, numbering 4,109 as of 2022, are dedicated to upholding the law and ensuring public safety. Leading the LVMPD’s mission is its Executive Staff, including Kevin McMahill as the Sheriff of Clark County, Christopher Darcy as the Undersheriff, and Assistant Sheriffs Andrew Walsh, Lazaro Chavez, and Brett Zimmerman.

Area Commands

To effectively serve the diverse communities within its jurisdiction, the LVMPD is organized into ten distinct Area Commands. These commands cater to the specific needs and concerns of their respective areas, emphasizing community-oriented policing.

Facilities and Resources

The LVMPD operates from a range of facilities and deploys various resources to fulfill its mission. This includes one airbase, three detention centers, approximately 2,000 marked and unmarked cars, around 160 motorcycles, three boats, four helicopters, 42 police dogs, and seven horses, each playing a unique role in maintaining public safety.


For further information on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and its activities, you can visit their official website ( The department’s commitment to being “Partners with the community” is reflected in its continuous efforts to collaborate with and protect the residents it serves.

Las Vegas Police Department Demographics

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has 5,000 workers.

Out of those workers, 41% are women, and 59% are men.

Most of the workers at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are White, about 56%.

Around 24% of the workers there are Hispanic or Latino.

8% of the employees are Black or African American.

On average, the employees at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department earn $43,273 per year.

These employees usually stay with the company for about 9.6 years.

Las Vegas Police Department Demographics


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