Louisville Police Department

Common Name: Louisville Metro Police
Abbreviation: LMPD

Agency Overview:
The Louisville Metro Police Department, known as LMPD, was established in 2003, resulting from the merger of the Louisville Division of Police and the Jefferson County Police Department. In 2020, the department maintained a dedicated workforce of 1,538 employees and managed an annual budget of $190 million.

Jurisdictional Structure:
LMPD’s operational jurisdiction covers the Louisville-Jefferson Co Metro area in Kentucky, USA. This jurisdiction spans 399 square miles and serves a population of 620,149 residents, as of 2018.

General Nature:
At its core, LMPD operates as a local civilian police force, dedicated to maintaining the safety and well-being of the community it serves.

Operational Structure:
The headquarters of LMPD is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The department is organized into eight divisions, each playing a specific role in law enforcement. LMPD also maintains a fleet of three helicopters and four police horses to support their various operations.

For more information on the Louisville Metro Police Department and its commitment to the community, you can visit their website at Louisville Metro Police.

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