Mesa Police Department

  • Employees: In 2020, the Mesa Police Department (MPD) boasted a dedicated workforce of 1,202 individuals, working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the community.
  • Annual Budget: The department was allocated an annual budget of $202 million in 2021, signifying a commitment to providing the necessary resources for public safety.
  • Jurisdictional Structure: The MPD’s operations jurisdiction extends over the state of Arizona, United States, with a population of 508,979 residents as of 2018. The department’s primary legal jurisdiction is Mesa, AZ, where it plays a pivotal role in maintaining law and order.
  • Website: For more information about the Mesa Police Department and its dedication to serving the community, you can visit their official website at Mesa Police Department. The MPD’s commitment to public safety and its role in the Mesa community make it an integral part of law enforcement efforts.

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