Milwaukee Police Department

Abbreviation: MPD (Milwaukee Police Department)

Agency Overview

The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) has been a cornerstone of law enforcement since its formation on September 3, 1855. With a dedicated workforce of 2,305 employees, the department operated with a budget of $297 million in 2020, signifying its commitment to ensuring public safety in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Jurisdictional Structure

The MPD’s jurisdiction is defined by its municipal legal authority, focusing on serving the city of Milwaukee. As the largest city in Wisconsin, the department plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order within its jurisdiction.

Operational Structure

The Police Administration Building, located at 749 W. State Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serves as the headquarters of the MPD. The department is comprised of 1,738 sworn members, dedicated to the enforcement of the law and the protection of the community. Leading the department is Chief Jeffrey B. Norman, whose leadership is pivotal in guiding the MPD’s mission.


The MPD maintains a network of seven stations throughout Milwaukee, ensuring that law enforcement services are easily accessible to residents across the city. In addition to land-based facilities, the department also operates two police boats, further enhancing its capabilities for public safety.


For more information about the Milwaukee Police Department and its role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Milwaukee’s residents, you can visit their official website at The MPD’s commitment to the community and its rich history make it an integral part of Milwaukee’s law enforcement efforts.