New Orleans Police Department

Abbreviation: NOPD (New Orleans Police Department)

Agency Overview

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has a storied history, dating back to its formation in 1796. In 2020, the department employed 1,457 individuals and operated with an annual budget of $194 million. Dedicated to maintaining the safety and security of New Orleans, Louisiana, the NOPD stands as a critical pillar of the community.

Jurisdictional Structure

The NOPD’s operational jurisdiction encompasses the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana, located in the United States. Covering a substantial area of 350.2 square miles, the department serves a population of 383,997, according to the 2020 census. The NOPD’s role is crucial in ensuring law and order within the city’s boundaries.

Operational Structure

The NOPD operates from its headquarters located at 715 S. Broad Street. The department is composed of 959 officers, as of 2023, led by Superintendent Michelle Woodfork, who plays an instrumental role in guiding the NOPD’s mission. The department is organized into five bureaus, each contributing to the diverse aspects of law enforcement.

Facilities and Resources

The NOPD ensures the efficient delivery of law enforcement services through eight districts and one central lockup. The department’s presence and resources are essential to fulfilling its mission of public safety in New Orleans.


For more information about the New Orleans Police Department and its commitment to the community, you can visit their official website at The NOPD’s extensive history and its dedication to New Orleans make it a critical part of the city’s law enforcement efforts.

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New Orleans Police Department Demographics

In the New Orleans Police Department, the majority of officers are men, accounting for 85% of the force, while women make up about 15%. When it comes to race and ethnicity, African American/Black officers are the largest group, making up 51% of the department, followed by White officers at 46%. Hispanic officers represent 2%, and Asian officers comprise 1% of the department’s demographics.


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