Omaha Police Department

Motto: To Serve and Protect

Agency Overview

The Omaha Police Department, with a rich history dating back to its formation in 1857, remains committed to its motto “To Serve and Protect.” In 2020, the department operated with an annual budget of $160 million, dedicating its resources to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Jurisdictional Structure

The Omaha Police Department’s jurisdiction is defined by its municipal legal authority. It serves as a guardian of the city, with the responsibility to uphold the law and maintain order within its boundaries.

Operational Structure

The department is led by Chief of Police Todd Schmaderer, who provides crucial leadership in guiding the department’s mission. The Omaha Police Department is comprised of 906 sworn members, who are dedicated to their roles as law enforcement officers.

Facilities and Resources

The department is well-equipped to fulfill its mission, with six stations spread across the city of Omaha. Additionally, the Omaha Police Department operates a fleet of three helicopters, further enhancing its capabilities in various law enforcement operations.


For more information about the Omaha Police Department and its commitment to serving and protecting the community, you can visit their official website at Omaha Police Departme. The department’s enduring dedication to its motto underscores its integral role in Omaha’s law enforcement efforts.

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Omaha Police Department Demographics

In the Omaha Police Department, most of the officers are men, about 80%, while women make up around 20% of the force. Regarding racial and ethnic diversity, White officers make up the majority, at 82%, followed by African American/Black officers at 11%. Hispanic officers represent 5%, Asian officers account for 1%, and there is also 1% of Native American officers in the department.


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