Raleigh Police Department

Abbreviation: RPD (Raleigh Police Department)

Agency Overview:
The Raleigh Police Department, represented by the abbreviation RPD, is a vital institution serving the community. In 2021, the department’s dedicated workforce comprised 906 employees, managing an annual budget of $112 million.

Jurisdictional Structure:
RPD’s operational jurisdiction centers on Raleigh, North Carolina, within the United States. The department’s jurisdiction covers an area of 145 square miles and serves a population of 470,509 residents, as of 2018.

General Nature:
At its core, RPD operates as a local civilian police force, deeply committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of the community it serves.

Operational Structure:
The headquarters of RPD is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, serving as the central command for its operations. The department is structured with 802 officers and 104 civilian members, all working together to fulfill the department’s mission. Estella Patterson leads the agency as Chief of Police. RPD is organized into five divisions, and it maintains six districts.

RPD proudly holds the award of being CALEA Accredited, a testament to its commitment to high professional standards.

For more information on the Raleigh Police Department and its dedication to the community, you can visit their website at Raleigh Police website.

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