Tulsa Police Department

Abbreviation: TPD (Tulsa Police Department)

Agency Overview:
With a history dating back to its formation in 1907, the Tulsa Police Department (TPD) has been serving the community for an impressive 116 years. In 2021, the department’s dedicated workforce consisted of 987 employees, managing an annual budget of $123 million.

Jurisdictional Structure:
TPD’s operational jurisdiction encompasses the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the United States. The department’s jurisdiction spans a substantial 196.8 square miles (510 km2), serving a population of 401,112 residents, as recorded in 2018.

General Nature:
At its core, TPD operates as a local civilian police force, tirelessly committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of the community it serves.

Operational Structure:
The headquarters of TPD is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, serving as the central command for its operations. The department is staffed with 742 dedicated police officers and an additional 168 civilian employees, all working collectively to fulfill the department’s mission. Leading the agency is Chief of Police Wendell Franklin.

TPD maintains a fleet of two helicopters, essential for various law enforcement operations.

For more information on the Tulsa Police Department and its unwavering dedication to the community, you can visit their website at TPD Website.

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