What is an Education Grant?

The basic difference between a student loan and a grant is that the latter does not have to be returned – it is simply a gift. Grants are awarded by bodies such as the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Medical Association and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), among others.

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It is important to note here that not all students are eligible for a grant. Only those students who fulfill the specific criterion are eligible.

About Pell Grant

Formerly known as the ‘Basic Educational Opportunity Grants’, the Pell Grant program was drafted by the late Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell. The program was based on a financial need formula devised by the US Congress in 1973.

Pell Grants are one of the most popular types of federal financial aid sought by students who demonstrate a financial need. It is considered to be the nation’s largest source of need-based education assistance and caters specifically to students coming from low income households.

In 2011, several changes were introduced with regards to the application process and eligibility requirements. The maximum award amount for the fiscal year of 2015-2016 was fixed at $5,775 per student.

Pell Grant Financial Support Package

The amount awarded to an eligible student in a typical case varies and is decided mainly on the following factors:

  • Applicant’s financial need
  • Applicant’s enrollment status
  • Applicant’s duration of study
  • Cost of attendance

Eligibility Criteria

In addition to meeting general federal student aid eligibility requirements (US citizen or an authorized non-citizen), applicants must:

  • File FAFSA
  • Be an undergraduate or vocational candidate
  • Be enrolled or accepted into a participating school

Note that Pell Grants are typically awarded to those students who have not earned a professional or a bachelor’s degree before. Students can apply for Pell Grant by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA by visiting https://fafsa.ed.gov/.

Frequently Asked Question(s)


Q:Can all students apply for Federal Pell Grant?

A:Students with severe financial need are encouraged to apply for Pell Grants as these are specifically designed by the Federal government to facilitate higher education for students with low socio-economic background. Students are advised to research well upon the key features such as the eligibility criterion of Pell Grants, prior to applying.


Q:How can international students apply for Pell Grant?

A:The student aspiring to obtain Pell Grant must be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen. International students who do need meet these basic criterion may not be able to apply for the Federal Pell Grants as these are essentially offered to the authorized state residents only.


Q:What is the most convenient way to apply for Pell Grant online?

A:The first step to apply for Pell Grants online is to download the FASFA form from the official website. Once downloaded, the applicant must carefully fill in all required details. Subsequent to that, they must mail the form on the given postal address or simply complete and submit the form online.


Q:What is the procedure of applying for Pell Grant?

A:Applying for Pell Grant requires you to submit the completed FAFSA before the deadline. FAFSA can very easily be downloaded online from our website. To be able to receive Pell Grant, you need to prove the financial need and be enrolled/admitted to an accredited American higher education institute.


Q:Who is entitled to Federal Pell Grant?

A:Any United States resident with a Social Security Number (SSN) can apply for Pell Grant. The applicant will have to prove their financial need supporting official documents and other related things listed in the FAFSA. The FAFSA needs to be completed and submitted before the announced deadline.


Q:What is the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria?

A:To be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, you need to be a registered American citizen with a social security number. In order to receive Federal Pell Grant, you need to prove your financial need. Therefore, you need to attach copies of all supporting documents proving your eligibility for the grant. Also, the Pell Grant demands the applicant to be admitted into a higher education institute. Other than the above mentioned few important points, every student stands eligible for the Federal Pell Grant.


Q:Is it one of the federal pell grant requirements that you have to be a US national?

A:It is not one of the federal pell grant requirements to be a United States citizen. Foreign Individuals, eligible expatriates may also apply. However, there is more quota for American nationals.


Q:How much financial aid Pell Grant can I get?

A:Financial aid in the form of Pell Grant is totally dependent on the financial need of every individual applicant. Those with a greater need get higher amounts as compared to those who can afford some fraction of the education burden. Therefore, there is no specific amount for Pell Grant. It is determined individually for every applicant, depending on the FAFSA and supporting documents.


Q:How long can the financial aid Pell Grants be used for?

A:Students may receive the Pell Grants for eighteen semesters maximum. Students enrolled in associate level degrees can use these grants for two years, however, those who are enrolled in the bachelor’s programs may receive and use Pell Grants for four years. The grants can now be used for summer courses as well.


Q:What is Florida Pell Grant?

A:Florida Pell Grant is offered to resident students of Florida wishing to take up higher education but cannot due to financial constraints. Florida Pell Grant can be used at any Florida College as long as the applicant applies through the Federal Pell Grant program. Like the Federal Pell Grant, Florida Pell Grant also requires the applicants to prove their need for finances.


Q:How do I apply for a Pell Grant?

A:Applying for Pell Grant is extremely convenient. All you need to do is fill in the FAFSA for financial assistance request and submit it alongside the admission to your chosen higher education institute. You need to make sure you apply before the deadline, the form is completed properly, and all supporting documents are attached. Upon admittance into the institute, you will be awarded your Pell Grant. The amount of the grant is highly dependent on your level of need.


Q:How to apply for the Pell Grant for the master level degrees?

A:Pell Grants are only awarded to students who wish to enroll in a bachelor level degree program. However, there are some master level certificates and programs, for which students may receive Pell Grants, for example, the post-baccalaureate certification in teaching is one of the approved programs for which students may receive Pell Grants. For more information on Pell Grants for post-grad programs, feel free to contact us.


Q:How to get a Pell Grant refund?

A:The refund policy of every school and college differs. However, students are advised to research thoroughly about all policies and procedures governing Pell Grants, prior to applying. The first step to get a refund is to consult the school’s financial aid office about their policies regarding the Pell Grant refund. Typically, the refund amount is transferred to students’ account directly or posted on their address.


Q:Can students with bad credit history qualify for the Pell Grant?

A:Pell Grants are need based educational grants that do not consider the students’ credit history. The applicants need to meet the basic eligibility criterion such as low family income to qualify for Pell Grants. Thus, students with bad credit history or no cosigner can conveniently apply for these grants.


Q:What is a Pell Grant calculator?

A:A Pell Grant calculator allows you to calculate the exact amount of aid you will receive in your Pell Grant for the year. To be able to calculate that before you actually receive the grant, you will need your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC figure can easily be taken from your FAFSA. Upon extracting your EFC, you can easily put in the numbers in the Pell Grant calculator at any website and get the exact amount for your Pell Grant contribution for the year.


Q:Is citizenship an important part of Pell Grant eligibility?

A:Yes. Citizenship plays a very crucial role in determining your eligibility for Pell Grants, only the US citizens or eligible non-citizens may qualify for the Federal Pell Grants.


Q:How can I use the online Pell Grant eligibility calculator?

A:Most online Pell Grant eligibility calculators require you to have Javascript enabled, and a fast internet connection. You can easily calculate the approximate award amount via entering your EFC number, and your cost of attendance for the year. This may give you a fair idea as to how much award amount you can receive.


Q:Can individuals access Pell Grant information through their website?

A:Yes, individuals can get complete information about Pell Grant information through their official website. The online resource provides information on eligibility criteria, recent updates, changes and modifications, privacy policies, contact modes, and also allows individuals to actually apply for the Pell Grant online through their Pell Grant online application form.


Q:What do the Pell grant qualifications state regarding nationality and citizenship for applicants?

A:Individuals who wish to apply for the Pell Grant must be eligible and should fulfill the set out requirements. In regards to the citizenship and nationality, individuals should be US nationals and should provide proof of US citizenship. Non-US citizens can also apply for the Pell grant if they are eligible non-citizens; this too has to be provided with proof.


Q:Are there any Pell Grant requirements?

A:There are no requirements as such. However, Pell Grant is only awarded to those who are able to prove the need for it, which means, you need to justify yourself in the application that you desperately in need of the grant and without it you cannot cover your cost of education.

Q:Is the Pell Grant awarded on the basis of good academic performance?

A:Pell Grants are not merit-based grants, which implies that these are not awarded on the basis of your academic performance. However, extremely poor academic performance or attendance can affect your eligibility to some extent. Also, students must bear in mind that these grants are entirely need based and those who fail to demonstrate the financial need may not qualify.


Q:What is a Pell Grant?

A:Pell Grants are federally sponsored educational grants that are offered to undereducated students who lack the resources to finance their educational expenses. This form of educational grant is specifically offered by the government to facilitate low income families. Only deserving applicants who meet the eligibility requirements qualify for Pell Grants


Q:How can I get the Pell grant Florida application?

A:Florida Pell Grant is the federal financial assistance program offered to colleges in Florida only. In order to qualify for the Florida Pell grant you need to be enrolled in a college in Florida. The application for the Florida Pell Grant can be downloaded easily from our website or any college in Florida offering the Florida Pell Grant. The completed Florida Pell Grant application can be submitted to the college you applied to alongside the admission application.


Q:How do I apply for Florida Pell Grants?

A:Applying for Florida Pell Grants is very easy. First you need to check your eligibility, if you are a citizen of the state of Florida in the United States, can prove low income and are an undergraduate, you will have to fill a FAFSA for assistance in finances and submit it with your admission at your chosen educational institute.


Q:Do Florida pell grants pay for online schools?

A:Yes. Students can apply for pell grants if they are thinking about attending online courses. However, there are requirements attached with this. Students are required to be enrolled full time attending 4 or more classes. Students are also required to fill out the FAFSA application before the deadline in order to be considered. For more information about courses offered, students are advised to search our website.


Q:Looking at online schools that award Pell Grants got me wondering about the expenses. What can I use this grant for?

A:It is common to wonder about expenses when searching for online schools that award Pell Grants. Students with a Pell Grant are advised to spend carefully. It is recommended that students spend this money towards tuition, books, and supplies. It might be difficult for students to stay within budget, in that case it is recommended that students get in touch with their school’s student body on tips to save money.


Q:Reading on how to apply for Florida Pell grant mentioned drug convictions. Can you tell me how is that going to affect my application?

A:Yes, reading about how to apply for Florida Pell grant would mention drug convictions. Drug convictions can adversely affect Pell grant applications for students. Federal government takes a strong stance on drugs and if the student has been convicted, he/she is barred from applying for at least a year. Intent to sell convictions is relatively more critical than possession of drugs. Students can see themselves barred indefinitely for repeated offenses.


Q:Is it necessary to fill out a FAFSA form to apply for pell grants for graduate students?

A:In order to apply for Federal assistance of any kind, be it loans or grants, you need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is also available online at fafsa.ed.gov. The Federal Pell Grant is a need based award so the department of education will need the information you provide on your FAFSA to determine eligibility.


Q:What is purpose of filling out the FAFSA form if I need pell grants for college?

A:You need to fill out the FAFA form if you want to receive Pell grant for college. The information on the form allows the department of education to gauge your financial need and grant you aid accordingly. The financial need of a particular student is the function of expected family contribution and total cost of attendance.


Q:What is the Pell grant application process?

A:Pell grant is a federal grant that is given on need basis to the financially deserving students. Pell grant application process is a simple one that begins with Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form that has to be filled. The form is available online. After the submission the applicant is notified if he or she qualifies for Pell grant or not.


Q:Can I be eligible for additional Pell Grants if my father died in the Afghanistan/Iraq war?

A:Yes, if your mother or father died during military service in Afghanistan or Iraq, you are eligible for additional Pell Grants. It is important to know that their death must be prior to the 9/11 attack. Other grants designed specifically for victims of the war include the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.


Q:What is the procedure of applying for Pell grants Florida?

A:If you are a resident of Florida the process of applying for a Pell grant is not any different from what it is in the rest of the country. You should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) form and submit it with the relevant paper within the deadlines.


Q:Can you tel me about applying for a Pell Grant?

A:Pell Grant is one of the most popular options for students for financing their higher education. One of the basic criterion for applying for a Pell Grant set by the US Department of Education is that the student be a US citizen or at least an authorized non-citizen. In order to qualify, students are also required to fill out the standard FAFSA form and submit it online within the specified deadlines.


Q:Are there any online schools that take pell grants? Or is it available for on campus study only?

A:Pell grants are available to students opting for undergraduate study, both online and on campus, as long as the school is participating in the Pell Grant program. You will have to enroll full time and take four or more classes to be eligible for the grant in this case. You should contact the financial aid office of your school to make sure that you remain eligible for the grant.


Q:What is the procedure for applying for a pell grant online?

A:According to the US Department of Education, to apply for a Pell grant you need to be a US citizen or an authorized non-citizen. To apply you need to fill out the FAFSA application form and submit it online or at the financial aid department of the school you have enrolled in with all the required documentation and with in the specified deadlines.


Q:What is the procedure for applying for Pell grant online?

A:To apply for a Pell grant, you need to fill a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Filling in a FAFSA form is quote easy and can be done online as well through the Department of Education’s website. Attach the required documentation of detailed statements of income, tax returns and family bank account statements. These documents help the Department of Education to determine the amount of a Pell grant you require. To apply for a Pell grant you must be a US citizen and have a valid social security number (SSN). You must also have a high school diploma or its equivalent GED (General Education Development) certificate.


Q:Can you tell me who the federal Pell Grant is offered to?

A:Federal Pell Grant is offered to students who show the need for them on financial basis. Those students who cannot afford higher studies, the federal government provides support to them to give them equal opportunities for education. Such students can fill the FAFSA forms and submit it, along with the documents that prove the financial status of the applicant.


Q:Are students attending four year universities entitled to the Pell grant?

A:Yes, Pell grant is typically offered for every post-secondary educational program. It is known as the largest source of educational assistance helping one in four undergraduate students. Students acquiring education in more than five thousand colleges across the country receive funds from Pell grants. It has truly revolutionized the educational system and made quality education possible for students from unprivileged families.