How to Become a Police Officer in Guam ?

To become a Police Officer in Guam, certain guidelines have to be followed. Most of the following guidelines are applicable nation-wide and apply to most states. However, Guam does have slightly varying requirements. For instance, in several states, the age requirement to become a police officer is 21. In the state of Guam, the age requirement is 18 years.

Since the job of a Police Officer is a high risk one, there is an extensive list of pre-conditions to meet before you can apply to join the force. All officers must meet a certain standard of physical stamina and fitness. Officers are also tested on report writing and analytical skills.

Requirements to Become a Police Officer in Guam
How to Become a Police Officer in Guam

What are the requirements to become a Police Officer in Guam?

The following is a list of necessary requirements to become a Police Officer in Guam. As mentioned above, the first requirement is to have reached the age of majority. At the age of 18, applicants can use the following checklist to ascertain if they are eligible to become a Police Officer in Guam. All candidates:

  • Must be citizens of the United States – If not by birth, than through naturalization
  • Must have a valid driver’s license issued for the state of Guam
  • Must hold a high school diploma or equivalent degree like a GED
  • Must clear the Guam Entrance Exam for Law Enforcement
  • Pass the field training program in Guam

The above mentioned points are an overview of the guidelines to become a Police Officer in Guam. However, candidates can develop their applications further by pursuing degrees relevant to the field of Law Enforcement. These degrees could be in Criminology, Public Administration and Police Science etc.

What does a Police Officer earn in Guam?

According to data from O*Net Online, Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers make an annual median income of $61,050 in the state of Guam.

How long does it take to become a Police Officer in Guam ?

The time taken to become a Police Officer can vary depending on your location and level of education attained. In Guam, Police Training Academy can take up to 6 months. It takes approximately 2 years in total to become an on-ground Police Officer in Guam.

What is Police Academy Training like in Guam?

Police Academy Training Programs differ from state to state. As a general rule, police training involves testing physical endurance and stamina. They also test soft skills like reading and writing reports. The Law Enforcement Exam tests a Police Officers analytical skills and decision making ability through a series of multiple choice questions.